The Encyclopedia of Wikipedia (EOW) is a curated collection of topics found on Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia found at wikipedia.com).

This encyclopedia is written by David Thrift, a lifelong fan of reading encyclopedia articles.

EOW was created by David as a means of sharing the topic articles he’s discovered while browsing Wikipedia.

EOW is a work by a fan of encyclopedias, for fans of encyclopedias… specifically Wikipedia.

EOW is a completely free digital (PDF ) publication that is published at least once each quarter (at least this is the expectation starting out). The first volume is expected to publish by or before September 2020.

DTEOW was launched on Friday, June 26th, 2020 @ 4:15 AM CST.

David Thrift Founder Of EOW
David Thrift, founder of EOW.

Hi, I’m David

DTEOW.com and the Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia (EOW) was founded, and is maintained by me, David Thrift. Residing in Southeast Alabama, I am a lifelong fan of reading encyclopedias and I write the EOW for other fans of encyclopedias. Outside of this project, I am into outdoor photography (purchase my photo ebooks at www.mudpix.com), and USA business promotion (at www.BigBizList.com). I am also a craftsman, and I love art & music.