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The Encyclopedia of Wikipedia (EOW) is a monthly chronological journal of the trending topics, and curated collection of topics found on Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia found at wikipedia.com).

This encyclopedia is written by David Thrift, a lifelong fan of reading encyclopedia articles.

EOW was created by David as a means of sharing the topic articles he’s discovered while browsing Wikipedia while giving main focus to the ebook series that of providing the trending topics which have had the most impact on society.

EOW is a work by a fan of encyclopedias, for fans of encyclopedias… specifically Wikipedia.

EOW is a digital (PDF ) publication that is published monthly and is available for purchase at only $6.00 per volume.

Volume 3 Now Available

This volume renders all past volumes obsolete and those volumes are no longer available. This volume contains all content from prior volumes.

Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia Volume 3

This volume contains 3 months of work by it’s author of collecting the trending topics since June 2020 to August 2020, plus curated topics of interest.

The condensed Table Of Contents provided below from the ebook gives you a glimpse at the content contained.

About Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia
Wikipedia Trending Topics
Trending Topics In August 2020 (490 topics)
Trending Topics In July 2020 (382 topics)
Trending Topics In June 2020 (398 topics)
Loot Crates
Loot Crate 1 (280 topics)
Curated Topics From Wikipedia’s Randomizer
0 (0 topics)
1 (2 topics)
2 (2 topics)
3 (0 topics)
4 (0 topics)
5 (0 topics)
6 (0 topics)
7 (0 topics)
8 (0 topics)
9 (0 topics)
A (5 topics)
B (12 topics)
C (8 topics)
D (6 topics)
E (2 topics)
F (3 topics)
G (3 topics)
H (6 topics)
I (4 topics)
J (3 topics)
K (0 topics)
L (4 topics)
M (9 topics)
N (9 topics)
O (1 topics)
P (5 topics)
Q (2 topics)
R (10 topics)
S (16 topics)
T (7 topics)
U (3 topics)
V (0 topics)
W (3 topics)
X (0 topics)
Y (1 topics)
Z (3 topics)
News Highlights On Wikipedia
News Highlights On Wikipedia In August / September 2020
News Highlights On Wikipedia In July 2020

This Volume 3 is 212 pages and only 1.3 MB in file size.

By comparison, this Volume 3 contains 124 more pages since the first volume was released in July 2020, and the first Volume 1 was 78 pages and 497 KB in file size. In other words a lot of work has gone into producing and expanding Encyclopedia Of Wikipedia’s content while remaining a low cost value to fans of Wikipedia content and those who love keeping up with trending topics.


Coming In Volume 4 For November 2020

  • Trending topics on Wikipedia for the month of September 2020
  • News events topics on Wikipedia for the months of September / October 2020

DTEOW was launched on Friday, June 26th, 2020 @ 4:15 AM CST. It became an official .com the next morning at around the same time @ 4:25 AM CST on Saturday, June 27th, 2020.